Dale Matteson trial: An emotional day of testimony on day two

MADISON, Neb.  -- Many tears were shed on the second day of a jury trial for Dale Matteson, charged with child abuse resulting in death, Tuesday. 

Matteson's daughter, Zoe Matteson, committed suicide in 2019. Dale Matteson has admitted to attempting incest with her, thus the prosecution argues that this is why she committed suicide. 

Many witnesses were called Tuesday to Madison County Courthouse. Among them, a therapist. County Attorney Joseph Smith led her to the point that trauma causes depression, which causes suicide. Matteson's defense attorney Seth Morris argued that this is never a sure thing. 

Smith then called a family member of Matteson's to the stand, who shared her account of when he had groped her when she herself was a minor. 

Zoe's mother, Jessica, also took the stand. In an emotional testimony, she emphasized that Zoe's mental health problems started with her father. 

Evidence Tuesday included a recorded interview where Dale Matteson admitted to saying sexual things to his daughter and having watched "videos about the relationships between fathers and daughters" and how those can be strengthened by sex.