Bridgeport kicks off Summer with Camp Clarke Days

BRIDGEPORT, NE — The people of Bridgeport were out in full force Saturday as the town celebrates Camp Clarke Days.

Bridgeport’s annual heritage festival consists of several events. From the parade to sidewalk drawing contests, tournaments and and even a play, there’s something for everyone. Camp Clarke Days volunteer Kevin Myers says he’s excited to see so many people out for the weekend.

"I think it's wonderful for the community," Myers said. "It brings people into town and, you know, you get people in town and Burger Werx is busy, Karette is busy and Bar 64 is busy. It just brings people into town and showcases Bridgeport."

Like many other festivals last year, Camp Clarke Days was canceled in 2020. Jesse Weibert has lived in the town for about 20 years. He says it hit the town hard not to have it.

"Camp Clarke has always been a big deal around here," Weibert said. "One year without it, it really hit home. It was real boring last year and it's real good to take a double dose this year."

It showed as Main Street was packed for Saturday morning’s parade, which included several graduating classes returning to Bridgeport. It’s all part of the theme, All Roads Lead Home.

"They had the class of 70, 71, 81, 91 come back and I know the class of 61 is here," Myers said. "It's fun to have all the alumni come back and join in the festivities too."

Camp Clarke Days started Thursday and wraps up Sunday. Saturday  is the busiest day of the festival. The towns people are making the most of it.

"It makes you just feel great," Weibert said. "Bridgeport you can tell is a thriving community right now. Everybody's supporting everybody now and everybody is coming out to just really enjoy what people had to show." 

A full schedule of events can be found at the Camp Clarke Days Facebook page.