Broken Bow Spirit – White Fights Back In Loss To Stingers

Despite a 6-run deficit in the third inning, Broken Bow Spirit – White almost came all the way back, eventually falling 6-5 to Stingers on Saturday. Broken Bow Spirit – White scored three runs in the failed comeback on a double by Victoria Griffith and a stolen base by Griffith.
Broken Bow Spirit – White couldn’t keep up with Stingers early in the game. Stingers scored on a stolen base and a single by PlayerF in the first inning.
Stingers opened up scoring in the first inning. Stingers scored one run on a stolen base.
Broken Bow Spirit – White notched four runs in the fourth inning. Griffith and Victoria Coleman each had RBIs in the big inning.
Stingers scored four runs in the third inning. PlayerC, PlayerE, and PlayerI powered the big inning with RBIs.
PlayerF got the start for Stingers. She allowed three hits and five runs over five innings, striking out eight.
Coleman led things off on the rubber for Broken Bow Spirit – White. She surrendered six runs on eight hits over two and two-thirds innings. Griffith threw two and a third innings in relief.
Coleman started the game for Broken Bow Spirit – White. She went two and two-thirds innings, allowing six runs on eight hits
Griffith went 2-for-3 at the plate to lead Broken Bow Spirit – White in hits. Broken Bow Spirit – White was sure-handed in the field and didn’t commit a single error. Venessa Coleman had the most chances in the field with three. Broken Bow Spirit – White tore up the base paths, as three players stole at least two bases. Dani Osmond led the way with three.
Stingers racked up 12 hits. PlayerG, PlayerB, and PlayerI each managed multiple hits for Stingers. Stingers was sure-handed and didn’t commit a single error. PlayerG made the most plays with eight.
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