Area Schools in the Hunt for the NSAA Cup Through Boys State Basketball

Each year the Nebraska School Activities Association will recognize the most successful interscholastic high school activities programs in Nebraska State championship level competition. The NSAA Cup recognizes high schools having the most successful interscholastic activities programs in the state for that year. The divisions of competition include a Girls Division, Boys Division, and an All-School Division. This awards program began in the fall of 2006. The winners of the NSAA Cup are determined by a point system based on performance in state championship events within each division and class. Music, which does not have a state championship, will earn points based on district music contest participation. In activities’ championships involving cooperative agreements, each of the schools in the cooperative will earn the points for that respective event provided they have at least one student participating on the cooperative varsity team.

Looking at some of the current standings for this season, (standings include participation & championship results points through the Boys Basketball Championships) Mullen is currently 1st in the Class D boys division with 137.5 points. Callaway is third with 117.5 points and Arnold is tied for 9th with 87.5 points. In the Class C boys division, Norfolk Catholic is the leader with 150 points.
Loup City is currently tied for 4th with three other schools with 115 points and Broken Bow is tied for 8th with two other schools with 110 points. Cozad is currently third in the Class C girls division and Ravenna is tied for sixth. In the Class D All School Standings, Mullen is 3rd and Callaway is 9th. Broken Bow is currently tenth in the Class C All School Standings.