Woman Faces 6-100 Years in Prison in Columbus Meth Case

COLUMBUS, Neb. – A Grand Island woman could spend the rest of her life behind bars after authorities say a criminal informant bought nearly four ounces of meth from her multiple times, according to court records.

46-year-old Carla Velazquez will be sentenced on Friday, December 1st in Platte County District court on two felony drug convictions.

Court records say between January 5th to March 1st, a criminal informant purchased nearly 110 grams, or four ounces, of meth from her in various places throughout Columbus.

After being arrested, she initially agreed to be an informant, but the deal fell through -leading to four felony meth charges. A plea deal dropped two of them.

Velazquez faces a minimum of six years in prison and a max of 100 years.