Waiting for Mueller, Bacon Sees ‘No Evidence of Russian Collusion’

Omaha, NE.—With speculation growing that the Mueller report and its investigation into President Trump will be released next week, Omaha area Congressman Don Bacon is sticking to his guns telling News Channel Nebraska he sees: “No evidence of Russian collusion.”

The 2nd District Republican calls the anti-Trump talk partisan attacks, despite the criminal convictions of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, both of whom had ties to Russia; as well as a still secret 2-hour meeting between Mr. Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Joe Jordan, NCN: Does it look right to you?

Rep. Don Bacon: Well I think some of the individuals the president brought in did violate the law, so they’re being punished for it. But I’ve seen no evidence of Russian collusion. And I think all of this is just partisan attacks…The president has made some statements that I didn’t agree with but if you look at the policy towards Russia he’s been much harder on Russia than the previous administration.

Jordan: What do you think as someone who dealt with some very high levels of intelligence, what do you think when you see the president come out of a meeting, a 2-hour meeting, with Putin and we don’t know what took place in that meeting. We have no idea what was said.

Bacon: It doesn’t bother me when two leaders of government are having discussions, that happens. President Trump is not the only one that’s had that happen to. But I would say if you look at the policies our policies are good when it goes toward Russia.

Jordan: That 2-hour meeting, you don’t have any questions about what took place and why the president doesn’t want to talk about it.

Bacon: I think leaders need to be able to talk in private. If you can’t have a candid discussion, if you think everything you say is going to be public, it makes it hard to negotiate.

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