Virtual Q&A With Santa And Mrs. Claus Tonight At 6:30 PM! Join Us!

In a year where Santa has not been available for kids to sit on his lap or ask him questions, we want to give everyone a chance to talk to the big man! KCNI/KBBN is proud to announce Santa and Mrs. Claus have been able to set time aside in their busy schedules to answer questions that anyone might have!

Tonight (Monday, December 21) at 6:30 PM join online through Facebook (Sandhills Express)Twitter (@kcnikbbnradio), or YouTube (KCNI/KBBN) to ask questions to Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus!

Asking questions is very simple! While watching on any of our streaming platforms, simply type your question or comment into the chat features and we will ask the questions to Santa and/or Mrs. Claus. Make sure to include the name of the person asking the question!

Join the staff at KCNI/KBBN for this special online Q&A with two of the most well-known people worldwide!

We look forward to hearing from all of you tonight (Monday, December 21) at 6:30 PM!