US-83 McCook – North Platte Super 2 Highway Taking Shape

Work on the first Super 2 highway in Nebraska is progressing on schedule, with the majority of the work completed on the 10-mile segment of US-83 between mile markers 35 and 45 by Frazier Creek in Frontier County, according to District 7 Construction Engineer Drew Wilson. Work began in the spring of 2020 on the first of six projects that will be part of the US-83 Super 2.

“The project is all, but finished up,” said Wilson. “After all the planning and public interest, it is exciting for those involved to see what a portion of the Super 2 is going to look like.”

“The signature feature of the Super 2 is the addition of passing lanes spread out along the project,” said Wilson. “These passing lanes were added in an effort to provide more passing opportunities and are currently open to the public. As originally planned, there will be several items that will need be completed in the spring of 2021, including flumes and seeding.”

The entire 12-year project stretches over 60 miles from McCook to North Platte. US-83 will continue to be a two-lane highway but will have 16 passing lanes – eight in each direction – to facilitate traffic flow. The project also includes resurfacing, restoration, and rehabilitation of the existing roadway in six phases.

The funding for this project and a number of other projects across the state results from the Build Nebraska Act. Enacted by the state legislature in 2011, the law reassigned one-fourth of one cent of general state sales tax receipts over a 20-year period to road and street construction.