UNO Students And Wahoo Natives Wrapping Up Nebraska Tour; Central Nebraska Up Next

UNO Students And Wahoo Natives Wrapping Up Nebraska Tour; Central Nebraska Up Next
Photo: Visit531Nebraska Facebook Page.

A journey that started on April 22 is now reaching its end for two University of Nebraska-Omaha students who have made it their mission in 2020 to visit all 531 incorporated towns in Nebraska.

As many of us felt tied down by the Coronavirus pandemic, the pair decided that taking a road trip was the perfect way to travel across the state while also staying safe in their vehicle. Their journey began with town number one in Ithaca and will finish out their journey with town 531 in their home town of Wahoo.

According to their Facebook page, Visit531Nebraska, Seth Varner and Austin Schneider have begun the final stretch of their journey as they have begun to travel west into the panhandle. Their journey on Wednesday, July 8 will take them nearly into Colorado as they visit Henry as well as the Cabela’s birthplace in Sidney. As they round out the panhandle, their travels will take them back to the central Nebraska area Thursday through Saturday.

On Thursday, July 9 their path includes the towns of Arthur, Tryon, Stapleton, Gandy, Arnold, Callaway, Oconto, Pleasanton, Ravenna, Cairo, Grand Island, Phillips, Chapman, Dannebrog, Howard City (Boelus), Rockville, Hazard, Litchfield, Mason City, Ansley, Berwyn, Merna, Anselmo, and Broken Bow.

On Friday, July 10 the pair will visit the towns of Dunning, Brewster, Taylor, Sargent, Comstock, Arcadia, Loup City, Ashton, Farwell, Elba, Cotesfield, North Loup, Scotia, Bartlett, Ericson, Ord, Elyria, and Burwell.

On Saturday, July 11 they will finish out the central part of Nebraska and work their way back to the northern part of the state as they travel to the towns of Halsey, Thedford, Seneca, Mullen, Hyannis, Alliance, Hemingford, Crawford, Harrison, Whitney, Chadron, Hay Springs, Rushville, Clinton, Gordon, Merriman, Cody, Nenzel, Kilgore, Crookston, Valentine, Wood Lake, and Long Pine.

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To check out some of the places they have seen and where they will be next as they finish out their incredible journey, follow along on their Facebook page: Visit531Nebraska.