Twin River Students get Real World Workplace Experience

GENOA – Twin River students got the chance to see just how life in the workplace is firsthand this week, thanks to their high school career education program.

One of those students, Sophomore Zak Runge, spent his day with News Channel Nebraska, learning the ins and outs of news and sports broadcasting.

Runge says the process has been good, with Counselor Dan Koziol wanting the students to get a realistic look at what opportunities are available to them in the area.

“In about two years or so, we are going to be on our own in the workforce, so he wants us to be prepared and know what’s coming,” says Runge.

Runge currently calls play-by-play for Twin River sports broadcasts, and says he plans to earn his bachelors degree in broadcasts communications. Students saw a wide variety of career fields this week, and Runge says he considers his day a success.

“I think it’s been really awesome. It’s just made me want to be able to be in this job a lot more.  Being able to just go out. Look at new places. Meet new people, and then just being able to be in these kind of shoes where people rely on you for news, would just be really interesting and cool for me,” says Runge.