Three Custer County Residents Appointed To Nebraska Boards And Commissions

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts announced on Wednesday, March 18 the recent appointments he has made to fill Nerbaska’s boards and commissions which included three Custer County residents. While all three positions are unpaid, two of the appointments are subject to Legislative confirmation.

Chris Jacobsen of Broken Bow was the only appointment made by Governor Ricketts that is not subject to Legislative confirmation. Jacobsen will serve on the Board of County Highway and City Street Superintendents for a term of four years. According to the description, the board consists of four members of whom shall be county representatives, and three of whom shall be municipal representatives.

The board of examiners oversees the process whereby qualified people administer local road and street programs. The board administers two licensing examinations each year. The board may suspend or revoke licenses for cause, following a hearing. Jacobsen was also appointed alongside Timothy Ryan of Keystone.

Michael Bailey of Westerville was appointed to serve on the Board of Emergency Medical Services along with four others from McCook, North Platte, Valentine, and Omaha for a term of five years. The board shall promote public information and education programs; collect information; review and comment on all state agency proposals; establish model procedures; review and evaluate the act.

The board shall have 17 members appointed by the Governor with approval of the Legislature.

The third and final appointment is Jessye Goertz of Berwyn. Goertz will serve on the Rural Health Advisory Commission along with appointees from Amelia, Auburn, Bridgeport, and Albion for a term of three years.

The Rural Health Advisory Commission was established to advise the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), the Legislature, the Governor, the University of Nebraska, and the citizens of Nebraska regarding all aspects of rural health and to advise the Office of Rural Health regarding the administration of the Rural Health Systems and Professional Incentive Act (the Act).

The commission has powers and duties defined in the Act some of which are: identifying problems in the delivery of health care in rural Nebraska, in the education and training of health care providers in Nebraska, preparing recommendations to the appropriate bodies to alleviate identified problems, advising DHHS regarding the development and implementation of a state rural health policy, designating health profession shortage areas in Nebraska, and selecting recipients of financial incentives available under the Act. These appointments are also subject to Legislative confirmation.

The entire list of appointments can be viewed on the Governor’s website.