Supervisors Talk Railroad Crossing Improvement; County Government Day Canceled

CUSTER COUNTY— The Custer County Board of Supervisors held their regular meeting on Tuesday, October 13 with only a few items on the agenda.

The main topic of discussion centered on Road 325 ½ and relinquishing the road to the Algernon Township. This section of the road is on a railroad crossing which was also approved to be closed.

During the public hearing, Dale Zoerb spoke about some of the concerns he had on the crossing located south of the crossing that was to be closed. Zoerb noted that the crossing would need to be widened as well as the road curve needing to be improved for harvest traffic to be able to cross the intersection safely.

Board President Barry Fox said that the Custer County Road Department did not seem to think that fixing the road would be a problem, but the widening of the railroad crossing could be an issue that would need to be taken up with BNSF.

Fox also noted that with the approval to close the railroad crossing at Road 325 ½, BNSF would pay the county $100,000 and it would take between $5,000 and $10,000 to improve the road at the southern crossing. In one motion, the board unanimously approved to relinquish the road to the Algernon Township and authorize the Custer County Highway Department to make changes at the southern railroad crossing intersection for safety.

Also for safety reasons, County Government Day was canceled by the Supervisors. A large number of area schools had informed the board that they would not be participating due to COVID-19 concerns. A few schools did say they would attend if masks were worn, but the board decided that it was not worth the risk and canceled the annual event.

Other approvals included the issuing of tax sale certificates, setting the Cuter County levies, and setting a hearing date for the relocation of Road 857, which will be held on November 10 at 10:15 AM.

After discussion from the board and Custer County Attorney Steve Bowers, the certification of cost allocation plan and the signing of the letter to request Health and Human Services reimbursement was tabled to a future meeting.

The next Custer County Board of Supervisors meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 27 at 9 AM.