Supervisors Talk Anselmo Crossing And Sheriff’s Office K-9 During Tuesday’s Meeting

The Custer County Board of Supervisors held their regular meeting on Tuesday, January 28 with the main topic of discussion centering around the railroad crossing at the Andersons Trade Group Anselmo facility. When the plans for the facility were first drawn up, the idea was to have a straight crossing off of Highway 2 which included turning lanes. This did not happen and currently, a 90-degree turn is at the facility.

During the meeting, the board and two Anderson Trade Group representatives, Chris Reed and Louis Kaelin, talked with the board about how close the county and Andersons have come to be able to place crossing upgrades at the intersection. The complicated process of talking with engineers, state officials, and others associated with the crossing has delayed the process of placing the crossing arms.

Another big problem is money. Reed and Kaelin told the board that due to the loss of revenue from flooding, Andersons have not allocated any money toward the project which could cost nearly $100,000. While the board members expressed that they did believe putting in the crossing arms was needed, the county is also dealing with its own issues of road damage from the flooding.

Supervisor Don Olson did ask if it would be possible for Andersons to “ear mark” money for the next couple of years and to pay the county back if they were to go ahead with putting in the crossing arms before harvest. Reed did say that it would be something they would consider and would work with Don Cantrell on to hopefully make something work.

Custer County Sheriff Dan Osmond and Deputy Braxton Kociemba appeared in front of the board to talk about relocating the drug dog, Aton. Sheriff Osmond informed the board that Deputy Kociemba would be leaving the Custer County Sheriff’s Office and, with there being a second dog with the department, was asking for the board’s blessing to let the dog go with the deputy.

The pair noted that Aton is 7 years old and has spent much of his career with Deputy Kociemba and was most likely only a year or two away from retirement. Sheriff Osmond did say there was really no reason to spend money to try and repurpose the dog with another handler. Instead, he would rather see Aton go with Deputy Kociemba. The board agreed and voted to allow Aton to go with Deputy Kociemba when he departs from the Custer County Sheriff’s Office.

Other agenda items included the opening of bids for a dump truck with pup and snowplow that were taken under advisement by the highway committee and the approval of two resolutions dealing with load limit restrictions and permits to exceed those set limits.

The next Custer County Board of Supervisors meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 11 at 9 AM.