Schuyler Pool May Get Climbing Wall with Help of Grant and Donors

SCHUYLER, Neb. – Supporters of the Schuyler swimming pool are hoping to bring a major attraction to the summer hot spot.

According to Schuyler pool supporter Fran Sabota, an anonymous donor recently came to her and hoped to help fund a climbing wall at the pool, in order to spruce it up and draw more kids there.

Sabota and company recently came to the Schuyler City Council to apply for a grant that would fund 75% of the cost of the wall. The council approved the application.

Sabota told NCN that she is currently recruiting more donors and hopes they can add the water accessory next year.

Through donors and grant applications, we’re hoping to have enough funds for next year.”

Sabota said that they have recently added basketball hoops and table umbrellas to the pool, but wants the pool to be an eye catcher for the community.

She declined to give the cost of the climbing wall, but online sales show a company ‘AquaClimb’ selling the walls anywhere between $5,000-$12,000.