Salem Woman Says Liming Acted In Her Defense

FALLS CITY – A Salem woman says 45-year-old James Liming was acting in her defense when he confronted men at her residence and fired shots into their vehicle.

Sheriff deputies arrested Liming after responding to Shannon Roberts’ residence on July 15.

Once in the village, a deputy found a man bleeding from gash wounds on his head. The man told police he had been hit by a pistol and indicated that he believes Liming would have shot at him had his gun not jammed.

Roberts said she is convinced the men came to her property in Salem with criminal intent. They left when she told them early in the day, but came back. An arrest affidavit says the men wanted to fix a tire in a garage on a neighboring property.

Liming, a combat veteran who served on the Falls City Fire Department, was part of the discussion at Tuesday’s Take Back Our Community meeting. The gathering of over 200 people was urged to let police do their job and not attempt to take matters in their own hands.

Falls City Police Chief Duane Armbruster told the crowd that lethal force is not to be used just because someone is on your property.

Roberts said she was frightened for her safety and said Liming came between her and the men.

Liming, who was released after posting a $7,500,  told investigators that he fired shots into the radiator of the men’s car. The affidavit says there was blood on the barrel of the .22 caliber pistol that he had surrendered to deputies.

One of the alleged victims reportedly had a fractured skull.