Remedy For Sargent Flooding Issue Has Price Tag Of Over $5 Million

SARGENT– According to the Lower Loup Natural Resources District, flood control funding has been approved for Sargent. After years of flooding throughout the community, the City of Sargent can now pursue options to remedy those problems. The LLNRD Board of Directors has approved funding up to $250,000 to assist with the local costs for the project.

After examining various alternatives to solve the flooding issues in town, consultants from Olsson recommended the construction of a diversion channel to divert excess water flows around town to the Middle Loup River. Replacement of storm drains and culverts were also recommended.

The consultant said that the estimated cost of the project, including engineering, design, and permitting would total a little over $5 million. The City of Sargent will apply for FEMA’s Building Resilient Infrastrcution and Communities (BRIC) grant that would help finance the project.

Olsson also recommended the town seek a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to cover most of the funds needed. NRD General Manager Russell Callan stated that, so far, the NRD had contributed roughly $77,000 for the study and that Olsson’s recommendations would help resolve ongoing flooding issues.

Callan stated that, under the NRD’s Project Participation Policy, the project fit under the Flood Control, Drainage, and Public Safety tabs as well as others.

The $5 million price tag for the project only includes work in the Sargent city limits and any work done outside of the city limits would be additional.