Recall Election Unsuccessful in Removing JB Atkins from Broken Bow School Board

UPDATE from County Clerk Conni Gracey Wednesday at 11:15 a.m. The final totals are: YES - 537 NO - 826 KCNI/KBBN reached out to JB Atkins who made the following comments: "Most importantly I just want to give the glory to God and Jesus Christ. I owe a great deal of thanks all of my supporters out there. Too many of them to name at this point, but the one thing I do want to thank is my wife. She's been a rock through this whole deal for me and my family. They didn't sign up for this and they've been 100% behind me so I really appreciate it," Atkins said. He continued to say school board business will continue to move forward. "I believe the people have spoken and now they've spoken twice in less than a year so I think it should be clear to everybody that what we've been doing as a board is what's desired. And I think we're just going to continue to move forward with the same agendas that we've had and been putting forward the last several months so I don't expect anything to change too much you know, going forward." We reached out to primary circulator Drew Schendt for comment and left  a voicemail, but have not heard back at this time. (TUESDAY) BROKEN BOW--The unofficial results have been counted and approximately 60% of those who showed up to the polls today voted NO in recalling Broken Bow School Board member JB Atkins. The ballot asked the question, "Shall JB Atkins be removed from the Broken Bow School Board?" 536 voters marked YES (39.41%) 824 voters marked NO (60.59%) A total of 1,361 ballots were counted at the Custer County Courthouse on Tuesday evening. (One ballot was not counted because it was overvoted--both answers marked.) Custer County Clerk Connstance Gracey told KCNI/KBBN that out of a possible 3,572 eligible voters in School District 25, only 1,361 voters (38%) let their voice be heard. Absentee and provisional votes will be added to the totals on Wednesday. A canvassing board will review the ballots and it was estimated that the official numbers should be counted by noon on Wednesday.