Plainview Man Accused of Assaulting Trooper Appears in Court

PIERCE – The man authorities say attacked a Nebraska State Trooper late last year is now facing formal charges.

Fifty-two year old Billy Ray Hoscheit faces a felony assault charge and three related misdemeanors after his arrest in December. Court documents filed in Pierce County say that Hoscheit attacked State Patrol Trooper Brandon Viterna while Viterna was at Hoscheit’s residence investigating a separate case.

Trooper Viterna said Hoscheit pulled a machete from his vehicle and began to unsheathe it, before replacing the machete and walking toward Viterna while shouting and eventually striking the patrolman in his face.

When backup arrived, the Patrol says Hoscheit then locked himself in the residence and refused to come out. Hoscheit’s door was forced open twice, at which time he was placed under arrest.

Hoscheit is currently out on bond. He will be back in Pierce County Court for further arraignment in March.