OPPD reports increase in scam phone calls targeting customers

Omaha Public Power District says it is experiencing an increase in the number of scam phone call reports from customers.

Some of the scammers may use “spoofing” technology, with the caller identification appearing to show a legitimate OPPD phone number, officials said.

The con artists aggressively urge customers to pay their allegedly overdue bills or pay for equipment they claim needs to be replaced, OPPD said.

The phone scammers request numbers from a payment card, such as a Green Dot, OPPD said. They threaten to disconnect service if customers do not pay.

Some scammers have accepted credit or debit card numbers for payment, OPPD said. This con tactic may not be linked to the payment-card efforts.

Recent calls have targeted residential and business customers.

Officials said these scammers demanding payments or financial information do not represent OPPD.

Customers with payment questions should call OPPD at 402-536-4131 or 1-877-536-4131, officials said.