Omaha’s Black Votes Mattered, Sort of. Ballot Questions Surface

Omaha, NE.—Proclaiming a 40 percent turnout in the 2018 elections a major step forward for North Omaha, Preston Love, who runs Omaha’s Black Votes Matter operation, tells News Channel Nebraska more needs to be done.

He’s also raising questions about what he considers a very high level of provisional ballots issued in Omaha’s heavily black Ward 2.
He’s not accusing anyone of voter suppression, at least not without more information and inquiries.

In a letter to the Douglas County Election Commission, Love writes:

“I formally request the following information.
1. The number of Provisional ballots given out per ward in Douglas County ( 2018 general, 2014 general, 2016 general)
2. The number of Provisional ballots given out by Ward 2 precinct ( 2018 general, 2014 general, 2016.”

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