Nine Appear for Custer County District Court Thursday Morning

It was a busy day at Custer County District Court on Thursday morning, with cases starting at 9:30 and court not adjourning until close to noon.

Vernon Mobley III, age 40 of Callaway, appeared for his sentencing on one count of 3rd degree assault of an officer and three counts of terroristic threats stemming from an incident that occurred in November of 2015. All counts were class IIIA felonies. According to the factual basis provided by the state, deputies responded to a domestic disturbance to find Mobley both intoxicated and armed. The situation escalated when Mobley drew a weapon on the deputy, who also drew his weapon. It was found later that Mobley had three loaded weapons on him as well as a military grade knife. The state acknowledged that the pre-sentence investigation suggested probation, but said they believe that incarceration is appropriate.

Mike Borders spoke for his client stating that he has taken responsibility for his actions and has been employed full time and supporting his family since the incident. Borders also cited Mobley’s service during three terms in Iraq and his seeking treatment for PTSD. He went on to state that Mobley had no prior felonies and admits he struggled that night and wants to show that he can be successful in probation, just as he has since the incident happened.

Following a statement from Mobley where he apologized, Judge Noakes stated that this event could have been tragic. She does not consider him a candidate for probation because it would be disrespectful to the law and would depreciate the seriousness of the crime. Mobley was sentenced to 6 months in county jail on the assault of an officer and 3 months each on the terroristic threats charges. Consecutive time on the charges totaled his incarceration to 9 months- with credit for 32 days served. Mobley will be a candidate for work release if he is found eligible.

Daryl Brewer, 36 of Callaway, appeared for a class IIIA felony of child abuse and pled not guilty. He faces no minimum charge, a maximum of three years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine. Sentencing was set for October 22nd.

Crystal Schellhorn, 38 of Broken Bow, appeared on a child abuse felony charge, which holds the same minimum and maximum charges. She pled not guilty and her sentencing was also set for October 22nd.

Anthony Elder, 37 of California, appeared after being arrested on a bench warrant from 2012 stemming from a probation violation where he never returned to the state after being granted the ability to travel. He faces up to 5 years imprisonment and/or up to a $10,000 fine and his admit or deny hearing was scheduled for May 31st. No bond was set.

Appearing on a charge of domestic assault, Rickey McAlevy, 30 of Broken Bow, came to an agreement with the state where he will plead guilty or no contest and receive between 4 to 6 years of incarceration. His sentencing was set for July 19th.

Sheila Newman, 28 of Broken Bow, appeared regarding possession of a controlled substance, a class IV felony and came to an agreement with the state where she would receive probation. Judge Noakes followed the state’s recommendation and Newman received three years of probation.

Jessie Shafer, 28 of Lincoln, also appeared in court on Thursday morning. Shafer faces charges of 3rd degree assault of an officer as well as possession of a controlled substance, felonies that stem from a December 7th, 2017 incident that saw herself and another subject flee from officers. The pursuit went to Anselmo and back to Broken Bow before a vehicle rollover. Shafer’s agreement with the state saw her plea guilty to these charges while dismissing six additional charges. She faces no minimum punishment on either charge, but a maximum of up to 3 years on one charge and 2 years on the other charge and/or $10,000 fines on each. Sentencing was set for June 21st.

A sentencing date was set for Carl Royle, 65 of Kearney, following his appearance for DUI, 6th offense. His agreement with the state was for a guilty or no contest plea that would have his high test DUI reduced. Royle faces between 2 and 20 years imprisonment, as well as a 15 year license revocation. His sentencing was set for July 19th.

Kevin Williams, 31 of Broken Bow, appeared in three separate cases. He pled no contest to class IV felony failure to appear, a class I misdemeanor of theft, and a class I misdemeanor of criminal mischief. The felony charge carries no minimum sentence and a maximum sentence of 2 years incarceration and a $10,000 fine. The misdemeanors each hold no minimum and 1 year maximum and $1,000 fine maximum charges. His sentencing was set for August 2nd.

Cases for Cynthia Lowry (37 of Sargent), Christopher Luera (33 of Arnold) and Thomas Zimmer (33 of Broken Bow), were all continued on Thursday.