Nebraska Rod And Custom Association Tour Nebraska Passing Through The Sandhills

The 27th annual Nebraska Rod and Custom Association (NRCA) 600 mile Tour Nebraska driving event will be held on Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2. This year, the route will travel through the heart of Nebraska as the two day event will begin in Kearney on Saturday making a 300 mile circle through the Sandhills. The parade of cars will leave at 7 AM from Kearney, stopping along the route for a break and lunch before returning to Kearney Saturday afternoon.

According the press release, the goal of the 1,790 members of the NRCA is to protect the rights of special interest vehicle owners who enjoy driving their vehicles on the streets and highways of Nebraska. The participants and members come from across Nebraska along with a few from neighboring states to take part in the tradition.

The NRCA made their first tour in 1993 and have since then covered over 16,000 miles of roads in Nebraska. The tour will give car enthusiasts, passive fans, youngsters, and more the opportunity to see a line of cars that could stretch for 15 miles or more. Local law enforcement will be assisting in traffic control as the vehicles move through the area.

Tour Time Schedule
Saturday Map
Sunday Map