Nebraska Farm Bureau Announces Endorsement Of Jim Pillen For Governor During State Tour

Nebraska Farm Bureau Announces Endorsement Of Jim Pillen For Governor During State Tour
Nebraska Farm Bureau announces endorsement of gubernatorial candidate Jim Pillen. (L-R) NEFB Political Action Chair Sherry Vinton, NEFB President Marck McHargue, Jim Pillen. KCNI/KBBN Photo.

The Nebraska Farm Bureau has endorsed Jim Pillen for governor. Pillen is seeking the Republican gubernatorial nomination in the May 10 Nebraska primary election. According to Nebraska Farm Bureau Political Action Committee (NEFB-PAC) Chair, Sherry Vinton, Pillen was the “overwhelming choice” for the endorsement based on the results of Nebraska Farm Bureau’s grassroots selection process which involves gathering input from local County Farm Bureau’s across the state.

“From every corner of the state, our counties saw that he has the commitment, the conviction, and the courage to continue to lead Nebraska into the future, where we keep the good life the great life,” said Vinton.

In referencing conversations he’s had with members, Nebraska Farm Bureau President Mark McHargue identified several reasons as to why Farm Bureau members gravitated towards Pillen.

“The fact that we have a true agriculturalist that understands farming, that’s running for governor, and I believe has the ability to win it, not just run. He’s here to win,” said McHargue. “In our process, we don’t take endorsement casually. We don’t just randomly endorse because the board wants to. We surveyed the counties and it was overwhelming that our counties wanted Jim to be the next governor.”

McHargue also noted that many of Pillen’s priorities align with those of importance to Nebraska’s farm and ranch families. He stated the Farm Bureau will use all available resources to help Pillen across the finish line.

During a special announcement tour on Wednesday, February 2, McHargue, Vinton, and Pillen traveled the state to announce the endorsement in Columbus, Broken Bow, Lexington, Grand Island, Beatrice, and Fremont.

While in Broken Bow, Pillen thanked those who attended the announcement and said he is honored to be endorsed by the Nebraska Farm Bureau.

“Being endorsed by the Nebraska Farm Bureau is incredibly humbling and we’re incredibly grateful. We have worked very hard on working on grassroots to win this campaign, but our grassroots team [has been elevated tremendously] with the Nebraska Farm Bureau,” said Pillen.

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