Loup County FFA/FBLA Pancake Feed Flood Relief Fundraiser April 9

TAYLOR—“Anything you can donate is greatly appreciated.” This is the sentiment many people are feeling throughout the state, including Loup County Senior JD Meeks. Meeks serves as the Loup County FFA President this year and is working with his classmates to support their fellow Nebraskans.

The Loup County FFA/FBLA organizations have teamed up with Farm Bureau Disaster Relief to raise money to help those affected by the March 2019 blizzard/flooding.

“When it happens in your own state you can really feel the need to do something I think a lot more because you might even know the people that were affected and you can see how it could affect you as well,” JD Meeks said.

A pancake feed will take place on Tuesday, April 9 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Loup County Event Center (406 4th St, Taylor, NE 68879). The event will be a free-will donation with all proceeds to go toward flood disaster relief.

Meeks said protein tubs and fencing supplies are also needed and that funds from the pancake feed will be used to purchase supplies for local farmers and ranchers who are trying to rebuild after the storms.

FFA Instructor Tanner Dunbar encourages the public to enjoy the pancake supper–with sausage provided by Sargent Pack—and support people in the area.

“A big challenge, you know, is a lot of people around here have seen damages themselves and lost a lot of calves from the weather. So, you know, it’s hard to donate when you’ve suffered yourself. So that’s why we wanted to do something where people can come in just get some pancakes, get a supper, buy a meal and that money can go toward people that need it,” Dunbar said.

FBLA Instructor Hannah Meeks said the organizations are glad to help out people in the area but putting on a large event like this is both “exciting and nerve wracking.” Feel free to share and RSVP to the Loup County FFA & FBLA Pancake Feed Event on Facebook.

If you cannot make it to the April 9 Pancake Feed, you can make a check out to the Loup County FFA and write “Disaster Relief” in the memo line. Checks can be mailed to P.O. Box 170, Taylor, NE 68879. Call Mr. Dunbar or Miss Meeks at 308-942-6115 with any questions.