Longtime KBBN Listener Visits Custer County—all the way from Florida!

Longtime KBBN Listener Visits Custer County—all the way from Florida!
Mike Davis (center, wearing blue) visits on the Get Up and Go Breakfast Show during his visit to Broken Bow this week. Davis is from Omaha and lives in Florida but has been a loyal listener!

BROKEN BOW—Omaha native Michael Davis discovered the joys of internet radio in 2007 when his employer allowed extended internet access to employees. Davis, who was living in Florida and working as an architect, wanted to listen to a Nebraska station to get back to his roots. He saw a listing for “The Thunderbird” and thought it might be some nice Native American music to listen to while at work.

Well, he didn’t quite get Native American music but what he did find has led to an 11-year relationship with the KCNI/KBBN crew. He heard the sound of farm animals in the early morning and what he claims were “normal, relatable guys” on the Breakfast Show who provided a positive morning radio experience.

Davis and KCNI/KBBN Owner and General Manager Dave Birnie began an electronic pen pal relationship along with many other members of the staff.

Davis is originally from Omaha and graduated from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in 1978 with a degree in architecture. In the early 1980s, he moved to the southwest part of Florida to grow his family and career but has always held on to his Nebraska ties.

“I still maintain the Husker roots. Once you’re a Husker, you’re always a Husker,” Davis said.

Davis still returns to Nebraska for sporting events and loves being able to pass on the mid-west way of life to his children. He claims the last decade of tuning into KCNI/KBBN has been “11 years of quality entertainment.” We appreciate that, Mike!

After his debut on the Breakfast show on Wednesday morning, Davis had the opportunity to explore Custer County and the Sandhills.

Referring to his drive around the Sandhills, Davis said, “That is gorgeous. It’s everything I’ve heard described and more. It’s green, it’s lush, it’s rolling hills. The car ride was magnificent. It was a wonderful trip,” Davis said.

Thank you for your loyal listenership over the years, Mike. The KCNI/KBBN staff was grateful to finally put a face to the name and we hope you enjoyed your taste of the Sandhills!