LBPHD COVID-19 Update: 15 New Cases, 166 Active; DHM’s Relaxed, Vaccine Information

LBPHD: Fifteen new COVID-19 cases have been reported in the nine counties of Loup Basin’s district since Friday’s update (six new cases). Due to the low case counts, LBPHD will transition to a Monday and Thursday update effective immediately.

The cases were reported from:
Custer (6), Greeley (3), Garfield (2), Sherman (2), Valley (1), and Howard (1).

All known close contacts have been asked to quarantine.

Individuals Tested to Date: 9,205
Negative Labs to Date: 25,729
Cases in the Previous 14 Days: 114
Cases in the Previous 7 Days: 35

District Totals: Positives 2,288Recovered 2,071Deaths 51/ Active (166)

Blaine: 25/21/0
Custer: 811/708/18 
Garfield: 143/129/6
Greeley: 212/182/4
Howard: 537/500/16
Loup: 32/29/0
Sherman: 167/150/4
Valley: 303/287/3
Wheeler: 37/34/0

LBPHD Press Release

On Saturday, January 30, 2021 at 12:01 a.m. the 9-counties in Loup Basin Public Health Department’s district were issued updated Directed Health Measures (DHMs). The new DHMs are in response to a 7-day rolling average of COVID-19 hospitalized patients occupying under 10% of the state’s hospital beds.

This changed moved the state from the “blue” to the “green” level of restrictions. The updates to the DHMs allow for 100% indoor capacity (previously was 75%). For events of 500 or more individuals, it remains in place that a plan must be submitted to and approved by LBPHD prior to the event. 

Additional updates in the DHMs surround quarantine. Those who have an exposure to COVID-19 but had tested positive within the 3 months prior to their new exposure do not need to quarantine but should monitor for symptoms. An additional change addresses those who have been vaccinated with an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) COVID vaccine.

If you have had an exposure to COVID-19 and have received both doses of either the Pfizer or the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, you may self-monitor in lieu of quarantine (the individual must wear a mask in public settings). In both situations, if the exposed person develops symptoms they should isolate and be tested to determine if there has been a possible reinfection. 

Loup Basin Public Health Department continues to administer COVID-19 vaccines weekly to those in the district. As the district moves into Phase 1B, additional vaccine providers have been brought on board to help vaccinate the priority population of 65 years old and older.

The entities in the district who are being allocated vaccine at this time include Loup Basin Public Health Department (Burwell), Howard County Medical Center (St. Paul), Callaway District Hospital and Medical Clinics (Callaway), Frontier Family Pharmacy (Broken Bow), Good Life Pharmacy (Ord & Loup City), Anderson’s Pharmacy (Ord), Loup City Rx Shoppe (Loup City), and Spalding Pharmacy (Spalding). 

If you have not signed up to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services has released a statewide registration system. Anyone interested in the vaccine is encouraged to sign up via the website ( When you sign up you will answer questions that help prioritize you for being vaccinated according to the State’s prioritization lists. 

As LBPHD and our partners work through the vaccine allocations, we encourage everyone to have patience. The district population is approximately 31,000 individuals and currently the entire district is receiving less than 500 doses of vaccine per week. The current projection to complete Phase 1B is 3-5 months unless there is a change in allocations.