Kleeb-Ward Truce: ‘Kleeb Is Not Running for Governor’

Kleeb-Ward Truce: ‘Kleeb Is Not Running for Governor’
Jane Kleeb

Omaha, NE.—Twenty-four hours after she was accused of running a stealth campaign for governor and told to resign, Jane Kleeb—the head of the Nebraska Democratic Party—isn’t stepping down and insists she’s not running for governor.

It’s all part of an apparent truce between Kleeb and Democrat Vanessa Ward’s campaign for governor, following a series of exclusive reports by News Channel Nebraska:

  • In order to “protect the party brand”— Kleeb was considering putting her name on the primary ballot for the state’s top job.
  • With Ward ready to officially jump in the race Monday NCN exposed Ward’s harsh criticism of the Democratic Party and several missed votes over the past decade.
  • Asked by News Channel Nebraska if Ward was a “viable” candidate for governor Kleeb said, “When we talk viability obviously the first thing is money and the second thing is name I-D. I’m not so sure she or anybody else that has considered running for governor on the Democratic side has that yet.”
Vanessa Ward

All this boiled over yesterday with a series of complaints from Team Ward:

  • “It has been a poorly kept secret that Kleeb had polling done last year weighing her potential candidacy, but has been unable to gain an adequate commitment of financial support.”
  • “Jane needs to either announce for governor immediately, or get back to work.””

Asked to respond to the charges, Kleeb told News Channel Nebraska, “I’m not commenting.”

Today the Kleeb-Ward factions issued a joint statement noting:

  • Ward “supports Chair Kleeb” and her party building
  • “Kleeb is not running for Governor”

Then both accused President Trump and Governor Ricketts of leaving the middle class behind. “We look forward to hearing from voters from across the state on how to end the one Party rule in Nebraska,” said the statement.

Ward is scheduled to formally kick-off her campaign Monday.

Another little known Democrat, Tyler Davis, also says he’s running for governor.