Grants Available For Tourism In Custer County

CUSTER COUNTY—The Custer County Tourism Committee wants the residents of Custer County to know, that there are grants available to help with tourism. These grants are available to not only help improve visitor attractions and facilities within the county, but to also attract visitors to use those facilities. Applications for the grant money are accepted throughout the year and will be considered at the end of the two closing dates, April 30 and October 31.

The grants are administered by the Custer County Tourism Visitors Committee, which is an advisory board to the Custer County Board of Supervisors. The grant money is collected from lodging taxes, which is why promoting events that encourage overnight stays is important to sustaining the grant funds.

Anyone applying for a grant application is encouraged to apply online at or contact Rick Maas at (308) 870-0165,, or contact Cheryl Carson at