From Spaghetti to State: Students Host Dinner and Labor Auction

BROKEN BOW—Thousands of students will travel to state competitions this spring to show off their skills in countless areas of technical education.

In conjunction with the Ord basketball games on Tuesday night, the Broken Bow FFA and SkillsUSA students hosted a spaghetti feed and labor auction. Students were “sold” for eight-hour work days in which they work for local businesses and individuals.

FFA president Dani Osmond, junior, said approximately $8,000 was raised from the labor auction alone (does not include spaghetti feed proceeds) and will allow students to represent Broken Bow at competitions.

“It will pay for things like state, nationals, really anything, it goes straight into their account and now we can go compete and have fun,” Osmond said.

This week is also the official Career and Technical Education Week with an assembly on Thursday afternoon and a proclamation signing that took place on Monday. FFA, SkillsUSA, FBLA, and HOSA Future Health Professionals join together to recognize and educate people on the benefits of the technical fields, agriculture, business, health fields, and leadership.

“Meeting people, you get so many connections. You know, they always say ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.’ And I’ve made so many connections, made so many friends and I really think it’s promoting my future a lot because I also learn a lot, a lot of leadership skills,” Osmond said.

SkillsUSA advisor Mike Schweitzer along with FFA Advisor Maggie Louthan said it is amazing to see the students step up and put in the work for their organizations.

“Please educate yourself on FFA and Skills USA, because you and your children can really learn a lot from it and go far in life with it,” Osmond said.