Fortigen Geneva Plant to Bring Around 100 Jobs to the Community

Fortigen Geneva Plant to Bring Around 100 Jobs to the Community
Pictures of Fortigen's groundbreaking hang in the Council Chambers of City Hall.

GENEVA – City Administrator Kyle Svec says it’s a great time for the City of Geneva as Fortigen Geneva LLC is set to start producing anhydrous ammonia this fall.

“That’s just the first phase of their operation. They’re going to have another plant that mirrors this one that’s going to produce another fertilizer product, that’s already in the works.”

Svec, who has served as City Administrator for the past 9 years, says the town has seen quite a “boom” since Fortigen’s arrival. He says the daily construction phases of the plant has employed nearly 250 people.

“They’re going to have the by-product of diesel exhaust fluid, DEF. Most people that have any diesel equipment are familiar with that now-a-days. And then a packaging plant is going to follow to help get that DEF out of the city. When it is all said and done, we’re talking about 100 jobs.”

Svec says along with a new waterpark and full storefronts on Main Street, he’s happy with the direction the community is heading.

“The results isn’t really just for Geneva, it’s really helped Fillmore County as a whole, by providing some really good paying jobs with good benefits. That all filters through the community and county.”