Faith Regional CEO Ready For Next Chapter

NORFOLK – Kelly Driscoll isn’t a stranger to Norfolk or to the small town rural lifestyle.

Growing up in Iowa, and born to a hog farmer and nurse, she’s bringing the skills she learned growing up to her new position asĀ  President and CEO of Faith Regional Health Services.

“I think you learn how to work hard and you have to work hard to get what you need and nothing comes for free.”

While Driscoll has only been her new position as President and CEO at Faith Regional since September, she’s been building relationships and health networks in Northeast Nebraska for several years since joining Faith Regional in 2011 as Chief Nursing Officer.

In 2013, she accepted the role of Operating Officer.

Driscoll is the first female to be in the President and CEO role at Faith Regional.

“The response has been hugely positive, to have a nurse be in this role, to have a female be in this role. I think Faith should be proud to be leading an initiative in diversity. I really saw potential for growth. First of all, the tower was beautiful, it was brand new. They had just moved in the year before, so gorgeous facilities. I think I saw definitely high quality medical staff and community that is really engaged.”

As for the future, Driscoll says by focusing on the patients first, Faith Regional Health Services can create an environment that people trust and want to receive treatment from.

“We have a great foundational piece of physicians, community and staff that truly want to live this mission of serving Christ by providing all people with exemplary medical services in an environment of love and care.”