Eastman Battling Bacon and ‘Gerrymandered’ District

Omaha, NE.—According to one national study, the Omaha House race between Democrat Kara Eastman and Republican Congresssman Don Bacon has been
Bacon’s race to lose since day one.

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While some recent polls find the race a toss-up, the Princeton Gerrymandering Project says since GOP-led redistricting a few years ago the Republican candidate starts with a 77 per chance of winning.

As former Senator Bob Kerrey tells News Channel Nebraska’s Joe Jordan: “Gerrymandering has made it much more difficult for Democrats. We haven’t done as good a job, we do a lot of gerrymandering ourselves but (the Republicans) just proved to be better at it.”

Take a look at these numbers from the Sarpy County Election Commission, pre and post GOP-led redistricting over the last ten years.

Source: Sarpy County Election Commission
Source: Sarpy County Election Commission

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