Donation Needed To Open Plattsmouth Swimming Pool

PLATTSMOUTH – If an estimated $30,000 can be raised and the water provided by Schmidt Transportation meets Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services standards, then Twin Rivers Water Park in Plattsmouth may be open June 1 on a limited basis this summer.

With Plattsmouth citizens coping with limited water, city council members were leaning toward not filling the pool this summer due to damage caused by Missouri River flooding in March.

With citizens opting to use bottled water for many needs, mandatory shutdowns of car washes that rely on city water supplies and 100 percent restrictions on water lawns and outdoor vegetation, city council members discussed how filling the pool might seem hypocritical.

City Administrator Erv Portis: “Shortly after we discussed Twin Rivers Water Park, Roger Schmidt contacted me.”

The recent flooding severely Schmidt’s home and trucking business. Despite the damage, the Plattsmouth native son hated to see the pool closed this summer.

Portis: “Roger would like to do something for the community. Roger expressed interest in filling the pool. Twin Rivers is a 270,000-gallon swimming pool. His trucks average 65,000-gallons.

Portis estimates it would take 5,000 to 7,000 gallons of water per day to operate the pool.

Plattsmouth is waiting for water tests to determine if the water quality is suitable for the pool.

The sample’s iron, manganese, lead, nitrates, sulfates and bacteria levels are being tested to see if they meet NHHS standards.

Portis: “If the sample comes back with license perimeters, we would open Twin Rivers on a limited basis using the water supply we discussed with Roger’s and other donors’ contributions.”

If all criteria are met, the proposal is to open the water park from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week.

A local group has started fund-raising to pay for the water supply and efforts are underway to hire lifeguards.

An estimated $30,000 is needed to pay for the water supplies. A Facebook Fundraising page has been created so donations may be made online. Donations can also be made by cash or checks made payable to:
Schmidt Transportation
Attn: Fill the Pool Fund
PO Box 148
Plattsmouth, NE 68048