Democrat Eastman Accused of Ignoring North Omaha

Democrat Eastman Accused of Ignoring North Omaha
Willie Hamilton Black Men United

Omaha, NE.—In the aftermath of an exclusive report by News Channel Nebraska exposing charges of racism involving two key Democrats, two high profile members of Omaha’s black community are now upset with Democratic Congressional hopeful Kara Eastman.

Willie Hamilton, the founder of Black Men United, has fired off a post on social media complaining that Eastman’s “priorities are not with North Omaha.”

LaVon Stennis, author and community organizer, says she’s voting for Eastman’s opponent, Republican Congressman Don Bacon, because Eastman has ducked her.

Stennis’ complaint follows accusations that the head of the Douglas County Democratic Party, Crystal Rhoades, referred to a black member of the state party as a “token.” Rhoades tells NCN she never called anyone a “token.”

Stennis tweets that when she asked Eastman to “address a racially offensive remark” made by Rhoades, Eastman refused. “As far a

Kara Eastman

s I’m concerned silence is consent,” wrote Stennis, who adds this is the first time she has not voted a straight Democratic ticket.

Hamilton’s upset claiming that Eastman told him she’s bypassing a North Omaha forum, she previously agreed to attend, so she can meet with former Secretaries of State Dr. Madeleine Albright and Gen. Colin Powell who are in town Tuesday for a Creighton University Presidential Lecture Series event.

“Deal breaker for me,” says Hamilton who takes plenty of heat in his Facebook thread.

“Willie, are you suggesting people vote for (Bacon)? I’m not,” says one post. “Bacon is lock step with trump (sic). That’s…what we need to vote against,” writes another.

Eastman’s campaign has not responded to NCN’s request for a comment on this story.

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