Defense Statement Filed By Broken Bow Mayor Jonathon Berghorst In Response To Recall Petition

BROKEN BOW— In the recall petition saga, Mayor Jonathon Berghorst has submitted his defense statement stating:

  1. I have not been found guilty of any pending criminal charges.
  2. I dispute the allegations that I created a hostile work environment.
  3. I dispute the allegations that I made monetary decisions without City Council approval and promised job contracts to friends.
  4. I dispute the allegations that I show no respect for department heads and volunteer boards.

The defense statement is in response to the initial petition request that was filed by John Walters on August 30.

Walters will now have up to 20 days to pick up the Petition papers and then will have 30 days to collect the needed signatures. According to state statute, he will have to collect signatures of at least 35% of the total vote cast for that office in the last general election.

Walters informed KCNI/KBBN that he is planning on picking up the petition papers this week, which will then be circulated by unpaid volunteers.

Recall Time Frame:

File Affidavit

Up to:
10 Days after affidavit turned in to notify the Mayor
20 Days for Mayor to make Defense Statement
20 Days to pick up Petition Papers
30 Days to collect needed signatures
15 Days to verify signatures
10 Days to notify Mayor if recall petition is sufficient
50-80 Days to order election

Max 185 days/6 Months