Custer EDC Shares Hiring Opportunity in Midst of Pandemic

CUSTER COUNTY–Almost everyone seems to be doing things differently in the time of COVID-19 and many employees are experiencing fewer hours or even layoffs. However, Custer Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) Executive Director Andrew Ambriz shared some exciting information with the residents of Custer County.

During Thursday’s Breakfast Show on KCNI/KBBN Ambriz announced a hiring opportunity through the global customer experience company Transcom. (Click here to view the CEDC Facebook post for more details.)

Transcom is hiring full-time work-from-home agents in Nebraska in Customer Service (temporary, approximately 90 days) and Technical Support Advising (permanent),” the post reads.

An informational webinar will be held on Friday, April 10 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. for those interested in seeking this employment. The link to register for these webinars is:

Ambriz announced the opportunity after receiving the news on Wednesday night and added that this could benefit a lot of people in the short term. Some requirements include internet access, strong ability to communicate, and typing skills for this customer experience outsourcing position.

“This is huge and it could do a lot of good for people in Custer County who have been affected by the pandemic,” Amrbiz said.

Earlier this week Andrew Ambriz also discussed some of the resources available to businesses during this time of uncertainty and “forced innovation.”

Though businesses are adapting to new ways of serving customers, especially with less person-to-person contact, Ambriz said the CEDC is still available to share information, ideas, and resources.

“Economic development at its core–it doesn’t matter how it looks–we are here to connect people to people and people to resources to build business in whatever capacity that looks like,” Ambriz said on the April 7 Breakfast Show.

Recommendations from the CEDC for businesses include staying in touch with customers, moving to delivery options, and purchasing gift cards to allow some immediate cash flow for services such as hair salons, that are among those really feeling the effects of Directed Health Measures.

Programs from the Small Businesses Administration are available such as payroll protection and economic injury. In the near future, Amrbiz said the CEDC hopes to roll out some programs “to help business owners bridge the gap from the current reality to post COVID-19.”

He also emphasized the importance of taking a closer look at your financial position to get a better understanding of how your business can continue to operate with reduced traffic and sales, fewer employees, etc.

“Keep your banker close and your financials closer,” Ambriz said. “Having a really solid understanding of your financial position is absolutely paramount right now.”

According to Amrbiz, UPS deliveries have dropped, people are not spending as much money whether that be local or online.

“It’s changed consumer spending habits I think beyond what most people understand,” Ambriz said.

Ambriz also encouraged the public on Wednesday morning to think about the intent of the federal stimulus checks and use that money wisely, and locally if possible. There is no blueprint on how economic development or community organizations should respond during a time like this but Ambriz said the CEDC is carefully doing its research and is available to assist the people of Custer County.

Call 402-922-0774 or visit the CEDC website and Facebook page.

Lastly, Ambriz said a program will be rolling out in the future thanks to the donation of the former Broken Bow clinic building to the CEDC by Dr. Books. The building recently sold (Click here for the story) and Amrbiz said those proceeds are earmarked for COVID-19 relief for the businesses of Custer County.