Custer County Sheriff Named President of State Association

Custer County Sheriff Named President of State Association
Sheriff Dan Osmond of Custer County (left) shakes hand with current association president Jerome Kramer (right) of Lincoln County

Earlier this month Custer County’s very own Sheriff Dan Osmond was named President of the Nebraska Sheriffs’ Association, an organization that was founded in 1894. Osmond said he received the distinction at the association banquet last week and had previously served as a vice president for the last few years.

Sheriff Osmond explained the state is divided into five districts and that he represents the North Central District, covering 17 counties. Four years ago he was elected by his peers to serve as vice president and has now been elected to take over the presidency. Jerome Kramer of Lincoln County served as the president this past year.

In addition to his duties as Sheriff in Custer County, Osmond will oversee monthly meetings, budget, and funding. He and the rest of the association also work to provide continuing education opportunities to law enforcement officials across the state.

“It’s a lot of behind the scenes, you know, what a lot of people probably won’t see with the association. What the main goals and functions are is one, we provide the continuing education for all sheriffs and police officers across Nebraska if they want to attend the conference, because we are required by law to have 20 hours of continuing ed. each year, so we provide that as part of the association,” the president elect said.

Osmond said during the first quarter of the year the association works with state senators and pays close attention to bills going through the state legislature.

One of Osmond’s goals is to increase membership and have representation of all 93 counties. Sheriff Osmond will begin his term as President of the Nebraska Sheriffs’ Association in January 2018.