Court Hearing Delayed for Alleged Murder Accessory

WEST POINT – A woman authorities believe had something to do with a stabbing death near Bancroft a year ago will be back in court next month.

Cuming County District Court Judge Mark Johnson continued the pre-trial hearing for 31-year old Jenna Merrill on Thursday.

Merrill pleaded  not guilty to a felony accessory charge related to the stabbing death of Ernest Warnock last March.

According to court documents, Merrill was in a car that was stopped in Dakota County after the murder took place, along the with the men accused of committing the crime – Jody and Derek Olson – and another woman who has already pleaded guilty to her involvement in the case, Becky Weitzenkamp.

Law enforcement officials say they believe Merrill had some type of association with the victim, and that the knife they believe to be the murder weapon was found in a dumpster near Merrill’s residence.

Merrill will be back in court on April 5th.