County Supervisors Vacate Roads, Discuss Commercial Valuations

County Supervisors Vacate Roads, Discuss Commercial Valuations
Custer County Board of Supervisors. Tuesday, September 29, 2020.

BROKEN BOW—After previous discussion and public hearings, the Custer County Board of Supervisors voted to vacate several roads during the Tuesday, September 29 meeting amongst many other agenda items.

Separate resolutions were approved to vacate part of Road #1854 (Elim Township), part of Road #1239 (Delight/Elim Townships), part of Road #947 (Elim Township), and all of Road #1143 (Elim Township). All of the roads are southwest of Callaway and no one spoke in opposition of vacating the roads during the August 25 public hearings. The board previously voted to offer each road back to the appropriate township but the townships do not wish to maintain the roads, which were therefore declared vacated by the board on Tuesday morning.

In addition, Roads #755 and #1146 were offered back to the Kilfoil and Broken Bow Townships.

County Assessor Lana Lymber spoke before the Board of Supervisors along with representatives from Central Plains Valuation, out of Omaha. A one-year contract was approved with Central Plains Valuation for the company to conduct the commercial property valuations in Broken Bow. Contract details including payment plans were not discussed.

Bids from CDS Inspections and Beyond, Inc. (of Plainview, Neb.) were accepted for the Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program (OOR) for both Housing Administration and Lead Based Paint Inspections. Custer Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Andrew Ambriz said the inspections are part of the federal requirements for the OOR grant program.

Sheriff Dan Osmond spoke with the board about prisoner housing. Following an incident in March, the Custer County jail housed a prisoner but due to safety concerns, the prisoner has been transported to Lincoln.

“We’re a minimum risk jail and he’s a maximum risk guy,” Sheriff Osmond stated.

Custer County has incurred around $15,000 in costs from the prisoner while in Custer County and in Lincoln and Sheriff Osmond told the board these costs will use up a significant amount of his jail budget. No decisions were made by the board.

An SDL for the Cup n Cork was approved during the 4 D Barrel Race Finals at the Custer County Fairgrounds October 16-18.

Also approved on Tuesday morning were Resolution #58-2020 Substitution of Securities for Bruning State Bank and Resolution #59-2020 which designates the County Clerk eligible to approve/deny SDL applications.

The county supervisors adjourned at 10:38 a.m. on Tuesday.