County Supervisors Approve Property Payment on Judicial Center

County Supervisors Approve Property Payment on Judicial Center
Custer County Board of Supervisors and Emergency Manager Mark Rempe during the September 10 board meeting.

CUSTER COUNTY—One of two interest payments on a county property was approved by the Custer County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday morning. A bond payment of the judicial center was approved in the amount of $30,351.25. Deputy Treasurer Lana Moran said two interest payments and one principal payment are made each year on the property and a payment schedule is currently outlined through the year 2030.

No tax list corrections were presented during Tuesday’s regular meeting and the board approved middle of the month claims and the October monthly fee reports. The courthouse renovation project and the courthouse roof were also discussed briefly but no decisions were made.

Emergency Manager Mark Rempe came before the board to discuss an agreement with the Public Service Commission regarding emergency reports as well as the reestablishment of a communications advisory committee. Rempe said he would like to bring back an advisory committee in order to better discuss issues regarding emergency communications between law enforcement, fire, and EMS.

“I would like to see it come back. I think it would be a big benefit to myself and the communications,” Rempe said.

Chairman Barry Fox said the framework for such a committee has already been established and that the group would report to the county supervisors. Rempe added the committee would be beneficial in getting perspectives from the entire county, specifically from each supervisor district. Rempe said the advisory committee would meet on a quarterly basis and he was granted permission by the board to reach out to individuals and restart the committee.

Barry Fox was appointed as the Designated Official and Don Olson was appointed as the alternate to cast ballots and attend the Nebraska Association of County Officials conference in Kearney next month.

Chris Jacobsen presented two applications on behalf of the highway department, one of which included Custer Public Power District replacing copper line east of Berwyn.

Colonial Life representative Tresa Bass spoke before the supervisors about the county offering a secondary benefit for employees’ health coverage such as short-term disability and accident plans. Dwain Bryner made a motion to allow Colonial Life to meet with county employees and give them the option of additional health coverage. The motion was approved.

The meeting adjourned at 10:17 a.m.