County Supervisors Approve Bids For Bridges On Ansley South And Cumro

CUSTER COUNTY– The Custer County Board of Supervisors moved things along during their meeting on Tuesday, March 9 as most agenda items simply required approval.

The two large money approvals were the bids for two bridges on Ansley South and Cumro. Bids were heard from Midwest Service and Sales Co. in Schuyler, Contech Engineered Solutions in Lincoln, and Ace/Eaton Metals in Kearney.

The bids for Ansley South were heard first where the decision was fairly simple for the Supervisors as the bid from Midwest was over $10,000 less than the bid from Ace/Eaton. Midwest’s bid of $64,029.36 was selected over the Ace/Eaton bid of $75,935.40 and the Contech bid of $104, 759.20. Materials are expected to be delivered in 15-16 weeks.

The bids for the Cumro bridge was the next on the list to be opened with Ace/Eaton being selected as the winning bid. The bids for this bridge were much closer in number as less than $2,000 separated the three bidding companies. Ace/Eaton was selected as the lowest bid at $31,908 with items to be delivered around mid-June. Contech was the second-lowest bid at $32,067.80 and Midwest was the highest bid with materials costing $33,621.03.

Other approvals included a Memorandum of Understanding for the Grant Diversion Program for Healing Hearts & Families, work write-ups for three homes as part of the Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation program, and a full-time secretary to be hired for Emergency Management.