Colorado Man Could Face 100+ Years In Prison For Weapons And Drug Money

CUSTER COUNTY— Joshua M. Oels, 38 of Broken Bow, could see another felony case make its way  down the hall to District Court after making his first appearance in Custer County Court via video conference from the Custer County Jail on Monday, May 6.

Oels currently has a jury trial scheduled in District Court for the end of June for felony possession of methamphetamine. The new case that has been filed accuses Oels of burglary (a class IIA felony), intentional child abuse not resulting in injury (a class IIIA felony), terroristic threats (a class IIIA felony), and three counts of 3rd degree assault (each is a class I misdemeanor). Oels could face a maximum of 29 years in prison as well as being fined $3,000 if convicted of all charges.

During the appearance, Oels continuously claimed that he was not guilty of the charges and Judge Tami Schednt advised him that his guilt or innocence could not be determined in County Court. Oels did elect to have court appointed council and Andrew Hanquist was appointed to represent Oels in the case.

Oels did ask for his preliminary hearing to be set as soon as possible, and was extremely frustrated when June 10 at 2:30 was the closest date. A bond review was held later in the afternoon, but the bond remained the same at 10% of $250,000.

Ivan Morales, 28 of Thornton, CO., made his first appearance on three counts that could land him in prison for the next 102 years and be fined $10,000. Morales is being accused of possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance (THC) with a firearm (a class II felony), possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony (a class II felony), and possession of money with the intent to be used to [sell drugs] (a class IV felony).

Morales elected to hire his own attorney, but did ask for a bond review as one had not been set. County Attorney Steve Bowers told the court that Morals was in possession of a loaded handgun, had bundles of money totaling at $52,000, and also had no connections to the area. Bowers asked that the bond be set at 10% of $250,000.

Morales asked that the bond be something reasonable so that he was able to take care of the case. Judge Schendt set the bond at 10% of $250,000, but told Morales that he could have another bond review after 24 hours. The preliminary hearing was set for June 10 at 2 PM.