City Solves Its Grocery Problems

CLEARWATER –¬†People in Clearwater are once again able to shop in town.

For several months Clearwater residents had to drive to neighboring towns for things like sugar, flour, eggs.

Clearwater Grocery Board Member, Bill Thiele, says not having a store was an inconvenience to the citizens.

That inconvenience was a reality for several months.

Real Estate Agent, Sandy Kester, believed that not having a store would hurt the cities growth.

“If you don’t have a grocery store, then our young families are not going to be attracted to town.”

That is why Sandy Kester and the Clearwater Grocery Board worked to bring a store back to the community; the process did not happen overnight.

Theile says it took around 6-8 months for the store to open after members if the community decided the store was a good idea.

The new store is community owned; citizens were able to purchase stock for $100 per share.

And the Clearwater Chamber offered the building to the community free of charge, so the store was able to open debt free.

The official grand opening celebration is on the 20th of July.