City Council Sets New Hearing Date for Assessments

The Broken Bow City Council met on Tuesday with a short agenda in front of them. A motion was passed by the city council on September 26 to condemn and demolish property owned by Brad Quackenbush. At Tuesday’s meeting, Quackenbush spoke on behalf of the situation. He said the project to put the structure on the foundation has been difficult. The council did agree to give Quackenbush until December 1 to make the property ‘safe’ pursuant to state ordinance. The property was previously listed on the September 26 council agenda as being located at 437 North 12th Avenue. Quackenbush reported that the property is actually at 423 North 12th Avenue.

The council voted to approve payment #6 in the amount of $165,506.79 to Chief Construction for the library renovation project. Library Director Joan Birnie reported that bricks have been laid and that sheet rock is also in place.

The council had to vote to set a new date for the Board of Equalization and levying special assessments hearing in connection with street improvements. The hearing has now been set for November 28.

Mayor Cecil Burt said in the meeting that the public comment period format will be changed in the future and that anyone wishing to address the council will need to first be put on the agenda.

A representative from JEO discussed the city levy and channel, based on flooding issues from a project that was completed in 1973. He touched on documentation errors and plans for the city to also work with the Lower Loup Natural Resource District to get back in compliance. City Administrator Brent Clark discussed plans to eventually take another look at the city flood map.

The next City Council meeting is scheduled for October 24 at noon.