CAPS Public Information Session Will Be Held At A-M High School Library

CAPS Public Information Session Will Be Held At A-M High School Library

As high school students near graduation, they are often asked what they are planning on doing in the future. Some know right away and others are not quite as sure. Soon after, those kids are now in college or in trade school, but maybe studying something they find out is not a path they want to be on anymore.

The six schools in Custer County are trying to help with that by joining a program called CAPS. CAPS or Center for Advanced Professional Studies is a nationally recognized program to allow students real-world experiences in a career of their interests while still in high school.

Currently in Nebraska, Omaha Westside and the South Central Unified School District are the only programs that are a part of the CAPS network. The CAPS program has over 30 members in twelve states spanning from New Jersey to Washington.

CAPS Director Gregg Brown, will be in the Custer County area next week for training as well as to meet with parents, the public, and businesses. This program is beneficial not only to high school kids but also businesses throughout the county. CAPS is a great way to help kids get a jump start on finding a path of study toward a career that they will enjoy and excel at.

If anyone is interested in learning more about the CAPS program, a public session will be held at the Anselmo-Merna High School Library on Monday, January 28 at 6 PM.