Broken Bow Woman Has Possession Case Bound To District Court Following Her Preliminary Hearing

CUSTER COUNTY— One felony case was brought before Custer County Court on Monday, August 19 that resulted in that same case being bound over to Custer County District Court.

Robyn Frawley, 28 of Broken Bow, appeared for her preliminary hearing where she is facing one count of alleged possession of a controlled substance-methamphetamine (class IV felony). Frawley will now appear in Custer County District Court after Judge Tami Schendt bound the case over following the preliminary hearing.

During the hearing, Custer County Attorney Steve Bowers called Broken Bow Police Captain Dan Hanson to the stand to testify on what took place during Frawley’s arrest on June 4. Captain Hanson testified that he had been alerted by off-duty Custer County Sheriff’s Deputy Lawrence Stump that he had seen Frawley in Broken Bow and knew that she had a bench warrant for her arrest.

According to his testimony, when Captain Hanson made contact with Frawley, he made her aware that she had a warrant out for her arrest and would need to go with him to the police station. Captain Hanson noted that Frawley was carrying a clutch purse and what appeared to be a pack of cigarettes. Captain Hanson told the court that he did not pat down Frawley, but when he flipped open the top of the cigarette pack he saw a glass pipe and a bag of white powder inside. When field tested, the powder did give a positive result for methamphetamine.

Frawley’s attorney, Brandon Hanson, did ask Captain Hanson (no relation) if the suspected methamphetamine had been sent to a lab for testing, to which Captain Hanson responded that it had not at that point in time.

Due to there being a low burden of proof required in preliminary hearings, Hanson conceded that there was no argument that he would make that would keep the case from being bound to district court. Frawley will now appear for arraignment in Custer County District Court on August 22 at 9:30 AM.

Court records also show that Frawley will appear for sentencing on a different possession of methamphetamine case. According to court records, Frawley was admitted into problem solving court, but after failing to follow the rules set by the court, she was sanctioned and ordered to report to jail. When she failed to report to jail, a bench warrant was issued for her arrest.

On June 4, Frawley was arrested on the bench warrant and then was officially terminated from problem solving court on June 11. She will now be sentenced on September 19 for possession of methamphetamine (class IV felony) where she could face up to two years in prison.