Broken Bow Police Department Warns Against Scams

Press Release: There are ongoing reports of scams in our area. Some of the scams that have been called in are as follows:

We have had reports of callers claiming to be from the IRS and threatening that warrants will be issued for the recipient if money is not sent.

–We have had reports of callers claiming to be a grandchild that had an accident and needs money to get out of jail.

–A caller claiming to be an attorney and telling the victim that her grandson has been in an accident and they need $2,000.00.

–A message was left for someone that there is an arrest warrant for them.

–There have also been reports of callers claiming to be from utility companies and threatening to disconnect power if they don’t send money.

These are just a few of the examples of scams that have been reported to us just in recent months. Since July 1, the Broken Bow Police Department and the Custer County Sheriff’s Office have received over 60 reports of these types of scams and many were not reported.
Broken Bow Police Chief Steve Scott reminds everyone that you should never give out any personal information to a stranger.

If someone calls and mentions a family member; hang up and call that family member or another family member or trusted friend to get their opinion. If someone claims to have a large amount of money for you but you have to send them money first; this is definitely a scam. People are trying to steal from you and will say anything to succeed.

You may also call us at 308-872-6424 or the Sheriff’s Office at 308-872-6418 if you have questions about something being legitimate. Please don’t ever send money without speaking to a family member, a trusted friend or law enforcement.