Broken Bow Man Sentenced For Theft And Burglary In District Court

CUSTER COUNTY— Only one felony court case was scheduled for Thursday, December 5 in Custer County District Court. Blake Judd, 23 of Broken Bow, appeared for sentencing as he was facing multiple charges from 2017. Judd, initially was in the North Central Nebraska Problem Solving Court, but after Thursday’s appearance, Judd voluntarily withdrew from the program.

Following his withdraw from problem-solving court, both the state, represented by Kayla Clark, and Judd with his attorney, Gary Peterson elected to go straight into sentencing. Through a plea deal, Clark asked that whatever the court decided on for a sentence length, that it run concurrently with his current sentence out of Dawson County.

Peterson asked the same and also noted that other clients he has had, have been successful through the programs offered at the Nebraska Department of Corrections (NDC) in Omaha, where Judd is currently being held.

Judd briefly spoke to the judge and said that before getting back into trouble, the program had been successful by allowing him to go to college, staying employed, and he had a lot of things going for him. Judge Karin Noakes also agreed and noted that when he wanted to do the programs, he was very successful.

Judge Noakes sentenced Judd to the NDC for two counts of theft (each a class IV felony), where he is to serve 1-2 years for each count, and 30 months – 4 years for one count of burglary (class IIA felony). All charges are to run concurrent with each other and concurrent with the sentence out of Dawson County.