Broadband: Ansley, Arcadia, Burwell, Sargent To Benefit From Grant Awarded To NCTC

Congratulations to the communities of Ansley, Arcadia, Burwell, and Sargent, located in the Central Nebraska Economic Development District (CNEDD), who will benefit from grant funds awarded to the Nebraska Central Telephone Company (NCTC) on January 4, 2022, through the Nebraska Broadband Bridge Program (NBBP).

NCTC was awarded a total of $3,610,666 by the Nebraska Public Service Commission, to serve 9 communities/rural areas, with $602,864 to serve the four communities in the District. Locations to be served in those communities include:

  • Ansley – 274 locations
  • Arcadia – 197 locations
  • Burwell – 414 locations
  • Sargent – 295 locations

Created by the Nebraska Broadband Bridge Act, the NBBP provides up to $40 million dollars over two grant cycles for the deployment of broadband networks capable of at least 100/100 Mbps (up/down) in unserved and underserved areas of the state.

“The availability of high-speed broadband has now become a vital infrastructure to our counties and communities, much like the importance of electricity in the 1930’s, and CNEDD’s goal is to assist and support the continued expansion of high-speed broadband throughout our region,” says Judy Petersen, CNEDD Executive Director.

CNEDD has been partnering with other development districts in the state to document proof that most of the communities and counties are currently in the unserved and underserved areas, and are deserving of funds to expand broadband capabilities for citizens. If you haven’t completed your broadband speed test, please do so today through the following link:

Give CNEDD a call today (402-340-0106) to learn how your community or county can prepare for broadband growth that will enhance broadband capacity for schools, businesses, medical providers, ag producers, and families. Now is the time for communities to prepare for the next round of broadband grant funds from the State.