BB School Board Revisits Preschool Project, ACT Prep, Updates from Administration

BB School Board Revisits Preschool Project, ACT Prep, Updates from Administration
Broken Bow School Board met for its regular meeting on Monday night

BROKEN BOW—After receiving higher than expected bids for the pending preschool project, the Broken Bow School Board is asking questions about what do to next. During Monday’s meeting Superintendent Darren Tobey presented questions for the board to consider such as ditching the project, re-pitching the project to the community for a higher cost of $2.3 million, re-designing the project to fit the $1.9 million range, or allowing another company to come in and big the project.

The board agreed it was worth revisiting and hopes to get some more bids without cutting corners on the quality of the possible addition. Click here to see the August 20 story.

Principal Rusty Kluender said many teachers have been receiving Professional Learning Communities (PLC) training and he is excited for the staff to have more tools available to them. He added that ACT test prep will be offered to juniors three days a week during Bow time in the second and third quarters.

Regarding recent PLC training and changes with Bow time and grading, Mr. Tobey said the staff has been doing an excellent job adjusting. “There are a ton, ton of good things that are happening and I think we’re on our way to improving our district as a whole,” Tobey said.

Treasurer J.B. Atkins said the district is “well within our normal spending patterns” despite increased expenses with prepaid insurance bills and a retirement buyout. He said a significant expense will take place next month when the bus is paid for, but it is in the budget. The treasurer’s report was approved.

Kim Jonas and Nikki Altig thanked the Broken Bow Fire Department for recent safety presentations. Jonas also discussed North Park teachers working hard with the PLC process, co-teaching, and recent in-service days. A book fair and Sixpence data retreat also took place recently. Jonas also said author/illustrator Bruce Arant will be working with North Park students on Wednesday and helping them with the writing and editing processes.

A successful Books and Brownies Literacy Day was held at the preschool last month and according to Nikki Altig there was a good turnout as parents and children read books together. She also said October is checkpoint month for preschoolers and a recent service by ESU 10 was successful in screening students’ hearing.

“That is a great service that they provide to us. We’ve actually been able to catch some kiddos that have actually needed to go as far as having hearing aids so it’s a great early intervention piece that we can provide to our parents and our preschoolers,” Altig said.

School Board member Pam Holcomb reported on behalf of Elizabeth Reynolds with the Broken Bow Beef Boosters.

The beef boosters first donated five head in the 2016-2017 school year and three head the following two years. This year two head are booked to be processed in December and will be ready for school in January 2020. The funds are held at the Custer County Foundation and currently sit at $2,285.93. After processing when beef is paid, funds for one more beef processing will be available and in order for the program to continue, more volunteers are needed.

The board approved KSB School Law to do the comp study on salaries to prepare for teachers’ contract negotiations. The superintendent Evaluation Tool was approved as was the Broken Bow Education Association Negotiations Committee.

The Broken Bow School Board will have a work session on November 4 at 7:30 p.m. and the next regular meeting will be held on November 18 also at 7:30 p.m.